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On December 8, 2020, a headline appeared in Bloomberg News - "Wall Street Begins Trading Water Futures as a Commodity" - The country’s first water market had launched on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Troubling Water / 99HZ  is at once a visual record of a sound and a poetic refrain. The gently repeating lines and shapes represented within the glass mosaic are produced by capturing the visible effects of a low frequency on the surface of water. In this work, the artist uses gold as a double entendre - to portray water as precious while more ambiguously referencing its status as a rare commodity.


Troubling Water/ 99HZ

Vitreous Glass, 14K Gold 

40 ft x 5 ft


West Aventura Brightline Station

19796 West Dixie Highway

Ojus, Florida

United States

Special thanks to Miami Dade County Art in Public Places, Emerson Dorsch, Artaic, and Artistik Surfacing.

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