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9 hrs

Based in Detroit, 9hrs is a new program of time-based performances that can be experienced in two places at once via live stream loop. The event is co-organized by participating artists who gather for a marathon of activations designed both for the camera and as living sculptural interventions in real space and time. Live video is streamed from each venue into the other creating a closed loop between the two places. The stream is not broadcast publicly. The audience experience remains in real time.

The project was initiated by artist and curator, Richard Haley, who ran a test-run performance event in the new media studio where he teaches at Wayne State University. Co-organized with curator Jennifer Junkermeir Khan, 9hrs was streamed to Bert Green Fine Art in Chicago on September 20-21, 2019. Participating artists included Trisha Holt, Saffell Gardner, Emmy Bright, Osman Khan with many other Detroit artists and Felecia Chizuko Carlisle from Miami, FL.

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