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a weekend @ MoMAZoZo

MoMAZoZo has moved to the LYRIC COMPLEXU on Twelfth St in downtown Carrizozo, NM

(503 12th St, Carrizozo, NM, 88301)

A weekend with friends, Paula and Mike, in the remote town of Carrizozo isn't just about catching up on lost time, or having a backyard BBQ. It means truly getting to that sought after place where art is life, and life is art. A flight across the country from Miami to Santa Fe and a 2 1/2 hour drive on the backroads .. 25N 285S HWY 3 HWY 54 a couple of turns and you just can't miss it. This particular drive is like the slipstream in your favorite Hollywood time travel movie, except you get to abandon the concept of time altogether and be in the present, wide open and totally free. And, of course, it's real. So real.

​In addition to their awesome homestead, they purchased a large historic adobe building downtown that hasn't seen much action since the 1970's. There's what used to be a hotel, a huge warehouse-style studio, and an old theatre called The Lyric.

I had been practicing making diddley bows at my residency in Santa Fe at SFAI and brought everything I needed just in case the opportunity arose to make something for MoMAZoZo.

We decided that the Lyric Stage needed an orchestra pit so we picked out an amazing piece of hard wood from the yard, modified it with a couple of piano strings and built an upright two string guitar sculpture that we can enjoy for many, many summer visits to come. The "bridge" of the guitar is made from a hundred year old bottle found in the building during the clean up phase.

lots more gorgeous photos...

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